Dave’s Granite Countertops 

Welcome to Dave’s Granite Countertops selection page! Choosing a countertop material is an important part of any kitchen design. If done right, it can bring a room together to look both elegant and still be practical. Let us help you make the right choice! Dave’s Granite Countertops has all the counter supplies you could need for both residential and commercial projects! We also have other countertop materials like Quartz and Marble.


Based in Medford, Oregon, we have been serving the Rogue Valley area for over a decade, all while making sure that our customers get quality products for a fair price. Our large selection of countertops will give your existing area even more functionality, and if taken care of, will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking for an eco-friendly countertop surface, or one that resists bacteria and grime, we can help!


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Commercial workspace that could use countertops


Commercial   Countertops

We carry several different styles, such as Granite and Quartz. These durable materials will make your workspace look that much better, and last for decades. Click the button below to look at our selection!

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Kitchen with countertops

Residential Countertops

Granite and Marble will fit right into any kitchen or bathroom. Easy to clean, and can withstand the normal wear of day-to-day use. Click the button below to learn more about our different countertop materials!

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